The location of the fiddlecamp: Gajavölgy, Tábor u. 1., Bodajk, Hungary 

Facebook: Bodajki falutábor

Méta Camp is the most prestigious folk music camp in Hungary. It was first held in 1991 and since then we have organised it in the first week of July every year with the participation of 200 - 250 students and 20 teachers. 

You can learn hungarian folk music, singing and dancing in our camp. Lecturers here

Great care is taken to choose venues which are in small, quiet villages, far from the bustle of the cities. We feel that this is essential for students so that they can focus on the hard work with a minimum of distraction. In addition, the surroundings help them relax in the limited free time available… (so far there has always been a lake in the vicinity…) 

Since the launch of the camp we wanted to organise an event where everybody could find their level of instruction and try their hand at playing music together without anybody questioning their music skills. 

The instructors of the camp are among the best teachers and musicians of the Hungarian instrumental folk music scene who have considerable experience. They provide instruction at a variety of skill levels so anybody can join in. 

The teaching methodology is highly successful enabling everybody to experience a sense of achievement. The tunes learned here, the communal music playing, the atmosphere and community life provides the participants with a source of contentment which nourishes them for the following year giving them an abundant source of energy. 

Teaching takes place in groups, the focus is on listening and imitating. On the last day of the camp the teachers ‘record’ the material of the week so that participants can practise and remember. They will also receive the musical score and original recordings of the music. 

The camp is suitable for a variety of ages, and we also accept participation from children under 12 if they are accompanied by a parent. 

Anyone can join. Those who learned a musical instrument as a child and would like to rediscover music again. Those who play any kind of folk music excellently but would like to perfect the material of that year. Those who are relatively inexperienced with Hungarian folk music. Those have never played music but have an instrument and patience.


The registration will be finalized once the 10.000.- HUF deposit is paid, which will be deducted from the camp participation fee.
Deadline for registration: 01 July 2024.

The Regional Association of Local Value Thinkers and Creators  
Bank account 11743064 - 20024695 - 00000000

Participation fee
 7.000 HUF/day - who does not indicate his/her intention to participate in advance (!!!)
 6.000 Ft/day - instruction, evening dance (subject to registration deadline)
 3.700 Ft/day - accommodation in hall
 1.800 Ft/day - accommodation in tent

For those who will participate in the camp for the whole week, the participation fee for the instruction and the evening dance is 5,000 HUF/day.
(The above amounts do not include the cost of meals!)

Breakfast - 950Ft/day
Lunch - 1850Ft/day
Dinner - 1500 Ft/day


Péter Molnár


Csenge Konkoly

voice teacher

Pál Havasréti

Double-bass, cello