Balázs Dongó Szokolay plays folk music and folk-music-inspired improvisations on bagpipe, shepherd's flute and saxophone. His folk music arrangements and compositions were initially inspired by the elaborate study of the Carpathian Basin’s folklore. He later developed his own improvisational music style that carries the musical culture of old times but sounds modern and contemporary at the same time. Since 1990, Dongó has regularly appeared in the Hungarian music scene as a folk musician. Throughout the years, his hard work and ambition has had a great impact on how he expresses himself through the improvisational forms of historical and folk music. In 1994 he was awarded the title of ”Young Master of the Folk Arts”. In 2005, he was received the Artisjus prize and in 2016, he was awarded the Prima prize. He plays the shepherd's flute, bagpipe, soprano saxophone and a special Hungarian woodwind instrument called ”tárogató”.